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Kansas City Senior Living Myth #5: It’s A Nursing Home Where People Go To Die

Research and consulting company Age Wise surveyed seniors 65 and older on their impressions of senior living. They found there were five common myths that prevailed among that population. 

Over the past few weeks, we’ve broken down these myths. This week’s myth is “it’s a nursing home where people go to die.” Myth #5: It’s …

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Kansas City Senior Living Myth #4: I’ll Never Need It

We continue to look at five of the common myths seniors associate with assisted living communities. The fourth myth identified by Age Wave, the research and consulting company that studied the 65+ age group perceptions of Senior Living relates to the misconception that an individual doesn’t need any help and won’t in the future. Myth …

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Kansas City Senior Living Myth #3: It’s Too Expensive

Age Wise, a research company, found there were five common myths among the 65 and older population concerning moving to a senior living community. We are debunking each myth over the course of a couple of weeks. This week’s myth is “Senior Living is Too Expensive.” 
Myth #3: Senior Living Is Too Expensive The third …

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Kansas City Senior Living Myth #2: “I Will Miss My Friends.”

Research company Age Wave surveyed the thoughts and perceptions of the 65+ population concerning Senior Living and found there were five myths that prevailed among this age group. Over the next few weeks, we will look at these five myths through the lens of those Elders that are actually living in Senior Living communities. Myth …

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Kansas City Senior Living Myth #1: “My Current Home Will Be The Best Possible Place To Live In Retirement Years.”

Certain Myths Or Misconceptions Concerning Senior Living Have Continued To Be Firmly Held. There are five myths that need to be approached with an open mind. Research done among Senior Citizens shows that these often stated “facts” are not necessarily factual. Over the next few weeks, we will look at these five myths through the …

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Moving To Assisted Living In Kansas City Is A Homecoming For Many

I recently attended my 50th class reunion from high school. What a homecoming! Everyone else seemed to get old, but the more time spent, it all began to feel very familiar. The hair color had changed, but the personalities came right back to the present. It all began to feel familiar and a feeling of …

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What’s The Difference Between An Investment Retirement Community And A Monthly Rental Community?

There are a variety of Assisted Living and Memory Care housing options available to Seniors in the Kansas City area. There are differences in the monthly charges and how additional fees are managed. Two of these stand out as the most common types. The first is a community where residents invest a large fee upfront …

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Which Is Best, Large Or Small Assisted Living And Memory Care Communities In Kansas City?

Different Needs May Require Different Physical Layouts In Community Living. I recently had a conversation with an 87-year-old gentleman, we’ll call Joe, who needs to move out of his life long home. This fellow described himself as single, very active and generally in good health. He takes care of himself, including bathing, medication management, and …

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Be A Detective For Your Parents, It May Be Time For Assisted Living Or Memory Care In Kansas City.

When the adult children of Seniors begin to worry about their parents living at home, it is time to do some investigation. It may be possible that there is really nothing to be concerned about but on the other hand there are some tell-tale signs that it’s time to think about a move to Assisted …

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