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Smiling senior woman sitting with granddaughter

How Does Assisted Living Work?

For seniors who are seeking an active retirement, an assisted living community might not sound like an ideal fit. However, once you learn more about what actually happens in assisted living communities, you’ll realize that there’s a reason so many seniors are excited to call them home. How does assisted living work, and can it …

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Downtown Kansas City on a sunny summer day

Why We Love Assisted Living in Kansas City

Are you looking for the perfect city in which to spend your golden years? We might be biased, but there’s a reason our residents chose a senior living community in KC. You might be ready to join us once you learn why we love assisted living in Kansas City!

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Smiling senior woman and man beside window

How to Visit with a Dementia Patient

When you have a loved one with dementia, making the time you spend with them count is essential. If you aren’t sure how to make a visit a good experience for you and your loved one, we’re here to help. Learn how to visit with a dementia patient, and you’ll treasure the time you spend together.

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Four smiling seniors, two men playing chess and two women watching

When to Move to Assisted Living

How do seniors make the choice to enter an assisted living community? The answer is different for everyone, and it depends on what you want and what you need from your living situation. How do you know when to move to assisted living?

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Smiling senior man and young nurse

What Is Memory Care?

When seniors who live at home begin to have memory issues, there are difficult choices to be made. How can seniors maintain their independence while still getting the help they need? What is memory care?

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old woman in a wheelchair

The Importance Of Transparency In Assisted Living In Kansas City During The Pandemic

In this unprecedented time with a worldwide crisis, the need for careful and accurate communication and transparency has never been so critical. With a no-visitation policy in place at many assisted livings in Kansas City, it makes communication even more critical. Families are normally visiting not only with their parents, but with staff. There are …

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fun for seniors

Some Fun For Elders Living In Assisted Living In Kansas City

With so many negative things surrounding us these days, it is a good time to focus on some good memories and fun for elders living in assisted living. Since conversations and activities are still a part of senior living, it helps to guide communication in a positive direction. Shared memories can help lift the spirits …

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Patience & Kindness During Isolation In Assisted Living

Everyone Needs Patience And Kindness As We Continue To Deal With Isolation In Assisted Living In Kansas City. Moving into an Assisted Living or Memory Support community has its challenges and its rewards. Leaving home and making a transition is enormous, and families are there to provide support and encouragement. Typically, resident care is a …

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