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When to Move to Assisted Living

How do seniors make the choice to enter an assisted living community? The answer is different for everyone, and it depends on what you want and what you need from your living situation. How do you know when to move to assisted living?

When to Move to Assisted Living

Are you considering moving to an assisted living community in the near future? Deciding if and when to move to assisted living is one of the most important decisions a senior can be faced with. For some seniors, it’s a clear-cut choice that makes the most sense for their situation. However, you may be a little less sure than some of your peers. How do people know when to move to assisted living?

Assisted Living Can Help You Manage Your Life More Easily

Do you find yourself struggling to keep up with the day-to-day work of managing your life? Do you have new difficulties managing your finances, keeping up with your house maintenance, or even just running daily errands like grocery shopping? It may seem like just one or two things are slipping between your fingers, but those things can pile up into real problems for seniors living independently. Some seniors who move into assisted living do so because living in a community where these kinds of needs are met by staff simply makes their lives easier. Why spend your retirement pushing a lawn mower or keeping track of the cable bill when someone else can do it for you? This kind of support can be especially helpful for seniors with health issues or memory problems, but it’s beneficial for anyone who just needs a break.

Assisted Living Can Make Managing Chronic Health Conditions Easier

Health changes are common in your golden years. In fact, most seniors over the age of 60 are managing at least one chronic health condition at any given time. For some seniors, an assisted living community gives them the support network they need to manage chronic conditions more easily. After all, assisted living communities have trained staff who know how to help with common senior ailments. Some assisted living communities even have special living options that are set up specifically to accommodate those who need daily medical assistance. Managing your health by yourself can be hard. Doesn’t it make sense to live in a community that can give you all the support you need?

Assisted Living Can Give You A Community of New Friends and Neighbors

While there can be upsides to living independently as a senior, one prominent downside is the possibility of social isolation. Unfortunately, seniors who live alone often struggle to maintain their social networks. As a result, they become withdrawn and struggle with issues like depression. For seniors who need social interaction, assisted living can be their connection to a community of like-minded people who want to make the most out of their golden years. A good senior living community is set up to foster and support social interaction with activities, events, and common spaces where old and new friends can meet.

Is It Time for Me to Move to Assisted Living?

Ultimately, the only person who knows if a senior is ready to move to assisted living is the senior themself. If a senior is struggling to manage their daily life or health or trying to find a new community, assisted living can make a big difference. If this sounds like you, it might be time to look into assisted living.


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