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New Options In Senior Living In Kansas City

The Piper Assisted Living And Memory Support In Kansas City Has Added Memory Care Lite As An Option For Dementia Care. A community in Kansas City has created a new level of care, called Memory Care Lite, to provide the optimum environment and support so residents with early stages of dementia can live their most …

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What Is The Difference Between Memory Care And Assisted Living In Kansas City?

As kids start to realize that their family member is beginning to show signs of memory loss and may be in need of assisted living or memory care, the immediate question becomes, “How long can my mom/dad stay in their home alone?” What begins as innocuous short-term memory loss and repetitious questions may quickly progress …

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Reasons to Consider The Move Into Assisted Living In Kansas City Now

The excuse “after the holidays” is used so often as a reason for delaying a decision or action, but here are some thoughts about making a move to Assisted Living or Memory Care before the rush of the holiday season. Winter weather brings many more complexities for Seniors living at home. Icy sidewalks mean more …

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What’s The Difference Between An Investment Retirement Community And A Monthly Rental Community?

There are a variety of Assisted Living and Memory Care housing options available to Seniors in the Kansas City area. There are differences in the monthly charges and how additional fees are managed. Two of these stand out as the most common types. The first is a community where residents invest a large fee upfront …

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Which Is Best, Large Or Small Assisted Living And Memory Care Communities In Kansas City?

Different Needs May Require Different Physical Layouts In Community Living. I recently had a conversation with an 87-year-old gentleman, we’ll call Joe, who needs to move out of his life long home. This fellow described himself as single, very active and generally in good health. He takes care of himself, including bathing, medication management, and …

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Be A Detective For Your Parents, It May Be Time For Assisted Living Or Memory Care In Kansas City.

When the adult children of Seniors begin to worry about their parents living at home, it is time to do some investigation. It may be possible that there is really nothing to be concerned about but on the other hand there are some tell-tale signs that it’s time to think about a move to Assisted …

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Most Important Questions To Take With You When Touring Assisted Living Or Memory Care In Kansas City

The following list of questions can be used when touring Assisted Living or Memory Care facilities. Notes should be taken to eliminate confusion after visiting more than one community. Our Own Observations Listen to your own intuition. Not only may you see or hear things that are obvious, but you may just have a feeling …

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Importance Of Scheduling Assisted Living And Memory Care Family Tours

Taking a number of Assisted Living and Memory Care family tours in Kansas City facilities will give a balanced understanding of the differences and similarities between communities. Time should be allowed to give each community the opportunity to explain their philosophy and show their property. Some shoppers feel they have an advantage by showing up …

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Red Flags To Watch For When Shopping For Assisted Living & Memory Care In Kansas City

When shopping for the best Assisted Living or Memory Care in the Kansas City area it is important to watch for red flags or areas of concern. With appropriate questions and inquiry, the issues of concern may be resolved or could be a negative indicator. The following areas need a close look: The Physical Structure …

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