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Home is more than an address; it’s a feeling. Home means having the freedom to do whatever you choose, while feeling safe and secure. Home means having your favorite things around you—photographs of people you love, books and mementos you cherish, and chocolate ice cream in the freezer. It’s the comfort of being in your own space and the freedom to simply be yourself.

The Piper is designed with The Household Model, a philosophy designed to replace traditional facility floor plans and way of life. The unique environment honors privacy, fosters interpersonal relationships and promotes a quality lifestyle. For seniors who need support, The Piper provides the ability to live your life as you want, with the care of experienced staff who get to know individual preferences. We believe that residents should be afforded the respect, courtesy and care that everyone deserves. Residents at The Piper feel this every day. The Piper has redefined senior living services in the Kansas City metro with a unique approach to care.


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Assisted Living

An open heart and an outstretched hand.

When you’re no longer able to stay in your home, Assisted Living at The Piper may be the best option. We offer individualized care, encourage socialization among neighbors, and promote a healthy, happy life. Experienced professionals provide customized levels of assistance while helping preserve an individual’s independence.

Memory Care

The caliber of care you’d choose for yourself.

Our Memory Care has a touch of grace philosophy that radiates simple elegance for our seniors. Our guiding principles in a Memory Care philosophy called a “Touch of Grace” where we engage the five senses of sight, small, hearing, taste and touch during our moment to moment interactions with our residents, families and caregivers.

Physician-Directed Nursing

An extended level of care for your loved ones.

Our Physician Directed Nursing provides the highest level of care found in a nursing home, while offering an enhanced quality of life in a comfortable household setting. Our unique, dedicated household is staffed with additional nursing personnel that allows elders to receive highly personalized services to address complex medical issues.

Why we are different

We treat Your Parent like family, not like a patient.

Senior woman with her caregiver at home

Our cross-trained team of professionals combine refined skills, extensive experience and compassion, so residents feel secure and comfortable right away. We honor the personal narratives that have been woven into the fabric of their lives. Residents always come first.

As the most unique Kansas City assisted living and memory support option anywhere in the greater KC metro area, The Piper creates an environment that invites social interaction, engagement in life, and the right amount of care.


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