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How to Connect with Nature in Your Senior Years

Have you ever heard someone say they despise trees? Or perhaps they hate when clouds form interesting shapes in the sky? What about flowers — has anyone ever confessed to you that they can’t stand when gorgeous flowers begin to bloom in springtime? The answer to all of these questions is almost certainly no! Even homebodies and urban dwellers are drawn to green spaces. In fact, the psychologist Erich Fromm theorized that “humans possess an innate tendency to seek connections with nature,” an idea known as biophilia. Whether you agree with this idea or not, you might be wondering how to connect with nature in your sunset years. Even if you can’t go on strenuous hikes or vigorous bike rides these days, there are many ways to embrace the great outdoors.

Reasons to Embrace the Great Outdoors

Before we go any further, you might be wondering why it’s beneficial to spend time in nature at all. So, let’s explore a few of the many reasons why you should consider heading outside:

  • It can give you a mood boost.
  • It can reduce your stress and anxiety.
  • It can improve your immune system.
  • It can reduce your blood pressure.
  • It can increase your energy levels.
  • It can improve your cognitive function.
  • It can enhance your memory and attention span.
  • It can help you fall and stay asleep.
  • It can reduce your risk of developing chronic illnesses like heart disease and diabetes.
  • It’s often paired with exercise, which offers even more benefits.
  • It can improve your quality of life.

Breathing in fresh air, feeling sunlight on your skin, and listening to the gentle sounds of rustling trees and chirping birds is always lovely, but clearly spending time in nature is a lot more than a simple pleasure. It can have a profound impact on your well-being. If you’re interested in developing a deeper connection with nature, we’ve got some tips for you.

Tips for a Deeper Connection with Nature

Taking a walk at your local park is a great first step, but what if you want to dig a little deeper and foster a real connection with the gorgeous nature in your community? The following tips should help:

  • Be patient. If you rush through the experience, you won’t be able to appreciate it. Try sitting on a bench for a while and focusing on your senses. What do you hear? What can you smell? What can you touch? This step is absolutely essential if you’re wondering how to connect with nature.
  • Step off the beaten path. If you’re allowed to and the ground is safe and free of obstacles, step off the concrete path sometimes. Let your curiosity guide you when you spot an interesting tree or a landscape worth photographing.
  • Look up. Although it’s important to watch where you’re going, don’t forget to lift your eyes up from your feet sometimes. Watch how the light filters through the tree branches, or check out the shapes of the clouds in the sky.
  • Say hello to old trees. Trees typically live far longer than we do, so when you spot an old tree, give it the respect it deserves. Consider all that it’s seen and experienced in its lifetime.
  • Pair nature with creativity. Not only will this encourage you to spend more time outdoors, but it may help you appreciate the details of the natural world. You could draw, paint, take photos, or write poems or stories inspired by the beauty you encounter.
  • Take off your shoes and socks. Let your bare feet feel the ground. Close your eyes to fully appreciate the sensation, whether it’s soft or hard, warm or cold. Some people call this “grounding” or “earthing.”

If you’re wondering how to connect with nature, you’re already halfway there. Embrace that enthusiasm, head outside, and let Mother Nature (and the tips we shared above) guide you.

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