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Outside the Louvre in Paris

Exploring Virtual Tours of Museums

Have you always dreamt of visiting the Louvre but never got the chance to go? Do you often think about your first trip to New York City, when you wandered the halls of the Met? Or perhaps you’re simply bored on a Sunday afternoon and wondering what sorts of cool things they have on display …

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Senior woman sleeping peacefully

Common Sleep Disorders in Older Adults

Did you know that difficulty sleeping is a common problem for many seniors? You aren’t alone if you’re having trouble getting a full night’s rest in your golden years. Learn about common sleep disorders in older adults and what you can do about them. Understanding Common Sleep Disorders in Older Adults It may sound surprising, …

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How to Stay Active in Your Sunset Years

When people envision their retirement, they often picture scenes that embody relaxation: lounging on the couch with a delicious drink in hand, taking a mid-day nap, watching sports or movies, etc. While you should absolutely bring these daydreams to life in your senior years, it’s also important to move your body, use your mind, and …

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Senior couple smiling and eating salad

Nutrition Tips for Seniors

Every day brings chatter about a new miracle diet, a magic superfood, or another food you’re supposed to avoid. The noise can quickly become overwhelming. How do you know what’s real? How can you sort out what’s right for your specific situation? Exploring nutrition tips for seniors offers a starting place. Understand the Value of …

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Close-up of hands of senior woman doing yoga in park in autumn

Low-Impact Exercises for Seniors

In your younger years, exercises like running, tennis, basketball, hiking, and jumping rope might have gotten your heart pumping — both literally and figuratively. But as you grow older, it’s typically a good idea to shift to low-impact exercises that won’t take such a toll on your bones and joints. Not only do low-impact exercises reduce the likelihood of an injury, but also they can strengthen your muscles, increase your flexibility, lower your risk of heart disease, and more. Consult your doctor if you’re interested in adding physical activity to your routine, and then scroll down to explore some of our favorite low-impact exercises for seniors.

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Group of seniors playing jenga

How to Combat Loneliness in Your Senior Years

As people age, they tend to become more isolated. They no longer have work or school to provide consistent opportunities for socializing, and they may be more limited when it comes to transportation and mobility. But that doesn’t mean isolation is inevitable! In fact, with a little bit of effort, you can enjoy a lively …

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Portrait of senior woman in winter

How to Find Meaning in Your Life

“What is the meaning of life?” It’s one of those big, philosophical questions we all find ourselves trying to answer. If you’re like most seniors, you probably spent much of your life looking forward to your golden years. Finally, a well-earned period of rest and retirement after a lifetime of hard work! What some seniors …

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man holding christmas gift

Gift Ideas for Seniors

The holidays are upon us! It’s time to hang your stockings by the chimney, decorate the tree, bake gingerbread cookies, and (of course) buy gifts for your loved ones. Do you need a unique gift for an older adult in your life? Our list of gift ideas for seniors will help you find the perfect …

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portrait of senior man in autumn

Fall Activities for Seniors with Dementia

With its brilliant gold and crimson leaves, its refreshingly crisp temperatures, and its beloved holidays, autumn is undoubtedly one of the best seasons of the year. Unfortunately, it also seems to go by far too fast. Make the most of these last weeks of autumn by exploring fall activities for seniors with dementia. Not only …

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Senior couple holding hands and smiling outside in beautiful autumn leaves

Kansas City in the Fall

What’s your favorite thing about fall? Perhaps you adore the gorgeous leaves with their breathtaking shades of golden yellow, fiery orange, and scarlet red. Or, maybe you love the flavors of autumn: spicy cinnamon, warm pumpkin pie, and crisp apple. Or, is it the spooky spirit of the season that tickles your fancy? Whatever aspect of fall you like best, you can enjoy it in here in KC. There are so many wonderful things to do in Kansas City in the fall, and today, we’re going to explore just a few of the possibilities.

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