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How To Make A Move To Assisted Living In Kansas City Like A Move To A New Home

Home is one of the most essential parts of our lives. Home is where you feel safe and where you are loved and understood. Even for those that have not had a particularly happy home-life yearn for it as we all do.

A home isn’t just bricks and mortar; it is comfort, care, support, and security.

Home is where you find all of your familiar possessions. If all your belongings were recovered from a hurricane and put into a warehouse with hundreds of others, you would probably identify them instantly. Your family pictures, your family heirlooms, and your collectibles are home to you.

How Many Homes Have You Lived In?

The average American will move 11.4 times in their life. Today that number is rising because we are a very mobile culture.

It is an interesting exercise to think back over your life and count the number of homes you’ve had or places you’ve lived.

The average person may move out of their parent’s home into an apartment or smaller domicile. Then as life transitions take place, moves are made to fit the situation.

A young, married couple may decide to buy a larger home in anticipation of a growing family.

If a couple is fortunate to grow financially, they may decide on a bigger home with more amenities. Homes seem to be a reflection of the lifestyle and financial situation.

A career change may cause a relocation and the need for a new residence in a new community.

There is a myriad of reasons people move, and most often, those are exciting adventures. To move to a house with a larger kitchen, more bedrooms, bigger yard, or garage can be a very happy and exciting time.

Moving Is A Healthy And Normal Activity, Although It Takes A Lot Of Work.

When Seniors take a hard look at their living situation, it may become necessary and wise to begin to downsize.

Leaving the family home is a difficult decision, but it also is a natural sequence in the journey of life. Suddenly it feels as though leaving the last residence is a dead end, but that is not necessarily true.

In order to prepare for a more carefree life without the worry of home upkeep, yard work, taxes, and insurance, moving to a maintenance provided community is a great option.

Seniors Want To Live Independently As Long As Possible.

Finding the right-sized home is a key to staying active. It may be possible to find the right neighborhood that offers neighbors of similar age and interests. Some of these neighborhoods have community centers and athletic courts.

With less time spent on maintaining a home, there is more time to pursue interests, hobbies, and exercise that have been ignored in the past.

This move can lighten the load and burden of too much stuff. It is also an opportunity to give treasured items to children and grandkids while you are able to see their excitement.

Each Time A Move Is Made, More Items Can Be Left Behind Or Given To Family Members.

But home is always home. Selections are made to take the treasures and comfort pieces to make the new house a home. Bricks and mortar are transformed into a comfortable home.

People love to be surrounded by photographs of family and artwork that speaks to them. Precious books may represent personal growth and lifelong learning. Music can be portable and made available in the new home.

What Happens When An Elder Is In Need Of Medical Support And Can No Longer Live Independently?

If the time comes for Assisted Living or Memory Care, another move is on the horizon. Again, it is a change of address, but the same principles of dozens of moves can be repeated now.

The Piper Assisted Living and Memory Support creators designed the whole community around home. It is more than architecture; it is a philosophy that embraces the concept of home.

From the beginning, it was envisioned and designed to be home, not an institution. Each resident has an apartment that will hold the treasures, the books, the music, and all the things that have made a home for years. They will enjoy their own living room, kitchenette, bedroom, and private bath.

Each small intimate household of 20 residents has a comfortable living room, dining room, den, family-style kitchen, and sunroom. There are areas for card games, TV watching, reading, visiting, and relaxing. And of course, the private apartment is the quiet getaway.

There are areas for family members to spend time visiting and a spacious formal dining room where a family could have a private get together.

It is the perfect home!

This move can be as appropriate and exciting as any of the other moves. It is the time of life when smaller is better, much like you very first venture out to live on your own. It is as if our domiciles take full-circle and return to a small, cozy, safe, and secure place to live and thrive.

From Small To Big, Then Small Again!

It is a life transition that can bring years of happiness. Elders can live successfully when they are ‘at home’ with support and caring individuals who appreciate them. Just like all your life, home is where you feel safe and where you are loved and understood. It is more than downsizing; it is right-sizing for this chapter of life.

If you are interested in The Piper for your loved one, please contact us with any questions.