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Kansas City Senior Living Myth #5: It’s A Nursing Home Where People Go To Die

Research and consulting company Age Wise surveyed seniors 65 and older on their impressions of senior living. They found there were five common myths that prevailed among that population. 

Over the past few weeks, we’ve broken down these myths. This week’s myth is “it’s a nursing home where people go to die.”

Myth #5: It’s A Nursing Home Where People Go To Die.

The final myth identified by Age Wave is that retirement homes are “filled with old people who are sick and dying.” However, many active seniors live in retirement communities.

Visiting An Assisted Living Community Will Show You That Many Individuals Are Living A Very Active Life.

In Assisted Living, there is a good chance that they are more able to be engaged and involved because they have moved out of their homes into a community.

It is much easier to experience socialization, proper nutrition, and daily support to continue to live fully. With reduced fall risks, daily exercise classes, stimulating conversations, and activities, life expectancy can actually increase.

At The Piper Assisted Living and Memory Support, there are regular activities which include: happy hours, flexibility and movement classes, art classes, outings, family-style dining, bible studies, church services, speakers on educational topics, outdoor cookouts, and various other scheduled activities. Beyond that, families can take residents out to other events.

Even during the present COVID-19 restrictions, activities are available in appropriate and safe ways.

So What Is The Real Issue Behind The Myth?

Age Wave has identified three underlying misconceptions:

  1. All Senior Livings are like nursing homes
  2. Life in a Senior Living is boring and uneventful
  3. I will move to a nursing home when I am too unhealthy to live in my home.

Nursing homes have a negative reputation based on the care facilities of years ago. Things have changed immensely. In addition, there are many levels of Senior Living that bare no resemblance to the old nursing homes of the past. Years ago, it was a place where people went to spend their last days. But even then, the care and attention they needed were available in nursing homes.

Nothing is boring about Retirement Living today. Individuals have so many choices to stay active. In comparison, being at home alone, without the ability to drive, may be the most dreary of all.

Senior Living Is A Wonderful Choice Today.

Today, deciding to move to a Senior Living is typically a proactive lifestyle move, rather than a reaction triggered or forced by poor health. Living in a community may be the best way to stay healthy.

The general outcomes of a proactive, well thought out plan are much better. It is the best recipe for making the next chapter in life as vital, interesting, and fulfilling as possible. Residents say every day, “I wish I had moved sooner!”

If you are looking for Senior Living in Kansas City and are interested in The Piper, contact us today.