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Moving To Assisted Living In Kansas City Is A Homecoming For Many

I recently attended my 50th class reunion from high school. What a homecoming! Everyone else seemed to get old, but the more time spent, it all began to feel very familiar. The hair color had changed, but the personalities came right back to the present. It all began to feel familiar and a feeling of returning to my home.

We Celebrate All Kinds Of Homecomings.

Don’t you love to see a military homecoming when soldiers return to their families? Never fails to choke me up. There is something about the return to what’s familiar and safe that appeals to us.

David Ginola, a French athlete, says, “The prospect of going home is very appealing.” For a person, like David, who travels the world for long periods of time, home is most precious. We cannot overestimate the power of home.

It Is A Feeling More Than A Physical Location, A Mixture Of Nostalgia, Safety, And Warmth.

As people age, the ‘homing’ instinct may grow even stronger. Not only because it is familiar and convenient, but because for all our lives it has been where we felt safe and secure.

There may come a time when staying in your physical home is no longer possible but feeling at home should happen.

Why Can’t Moving To An Assisted Living Feel Like Home?

Traditionally when we think of ‘care facilities,’ home is the last thing on our mind. Historically there has been no other choice than a medical institution.

Today that is not the case. A new model has arrived, and it feels like a homecoming! The living space, the fellow household members, and the philosophy are all a part of an effort to create an atmosphere of safety and warmth.

No more long hallways, medicine carts, and cafeterias. Now it is possible to live in a beautiful home that you would find in any neighborhood.

Today There Is A Choice To Experience The Joy Of Homecoming For The Next Chapter Of Life!

If you are looking for something completely different for senior care in Kansas City you’ve come to the right place.

The unique, one of a kind, senior community is right here in Kansas City. The Piper is the vision of Steve Shields at action pact.

After his own family experience, he knew there had to be something better. After years of research and collaboration, he built it himself right here in Kansas City.

What Is The Household Model?

The design is more than architecture it is a holistic philosophy. Why should the elderly live in a medical institution? Why not build a community around their needs that is simply a new home – where they are not treated as patients but honored adults who need some support so they can continue to live as independently as possible.

Smaller Is Better For Assisted Living And Memory Care

Each household has a maximum number of neighbors, usually 20. They share a common family-style kitchen where meals are prepared right in front of them. The house is full of good smells! There is a living room, sun porch, a den, and formal dining area. So the opportunity to get acquainted with their other neighbors is magnified.

Each resident has their own private apartment where they create their own nest of personal treasures.

Medical Care Is Provided In Privacy.

There are no medication carts or nurses’ stations because all care is provided in the privacy of their own apartment. Privacy is the key to feeling like it’s home.

In addition to medical support, there are lifestyle enhancing activities that increase socialization and stimulation. While loneliness is pervasive in the senior living world, it is minimal if not nonexistent at The Piper.

Home Is Where Your Heart Is!

When our elders arrive at their new home at The Piper it is truly a homecoming. If you are considering moving to an Assisted Living remember seeing is believing, so plan a tour to experience home!