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Avoid Senior Care Emergencies – Start The Conversation Early

Adult children are often involved in helping their parents make decisions about care needs. We are often asked the question, “How can I talk to Mom about moving to an assisted living?” Starting the conversation early is so important. Many are fearful that these conversations will be uncomfortable even hostile. It’s best to be able …

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Most Important Questions To Take With You When Touring Assisted Living Or Memory Care In Kansas City

The following list of questions can be used when touring Assisted Living or Memory Care facilities. Notes should be taken to eliminate confusion after visiting more than one community. Our Own Observations Listen to your own intuition. Not only may you see or hear things that are obvious, but you may just have a feeling …

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Importance Of Scheduling Assisted Living And Memory Care Family Tours

Taking a number of Assisted Living and Memory Care family tours in Kansas City facilities will give a balanced understanding of the differences and similarities between communities. Time should be allowed to give each community the opportunity to explain their philosophy and show their property. Some shoppers feel they have an advantage by showing up …

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