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Importance Of Scheduling Assisted Living And Memory Care Family Tours

Taking a number of Assisted Living and Memory Care family tours in Kansas City facilities will give a balanced understanding of the differences and similarities between communities.

Time should be allowed to give each community the opportunity to explain their philosophy and show their property.

Some shoppers feel they have an advantage by showing up unannounced to see what daily life is ‘really like’. It is understandable that people think this might be a good idea, but there are definite drawbacks.

Setting An Appointment To Tour Is Always Best.

Having assisted living and memory care family tours set up in advance will give everyone including the loved one the best experience.

The marketing consultant will have time to prepare collateral and custom plan the tour.

If there is previous knowledge of the person needing care that has been established beforehand the tour can be customized to include either Assisted Living or Memory Care.

By Setting Up An Appointment It May Be Easier To Gather Family Members That Will Be Decision-Makers.

Touring together helps get everyone on the same page. All the family will hear the same questions and answers.

When possible it is best to bring the Elder in need of care to participate in the tour. Often times the tour helps alleviate fears and misconceptions on their part.

When Visitors Decide Not To Set An Appointment To Tour It May Result In A Less Than Satisfactory Experience.

If a family shows up unannounced there is a good chance the marketing staff will be touring another family or engaged with a new move-in.

Since each tour can take an hour or more depending on the number of guests and questions asked, it may not be possible to wait for it to be over.

We never want to rush people in these situations because everyone agrees this is a very important decision.

Timeliness is critical in these situations and rushing a tour or giving a partial tour is not the best experience and may lead to misinformation and confusion.

Calling The Office And Talking To The Staff In Advance Of A Tour Is The Best Way To Have A Great Experience.

Everyone concerned wants the tour to be a good experience. Prior knowledge of the Elder’s needs is important for strategizing the best apartment to show, the proper level of care to suggest and understanding the possible costs involved.

An important addition to an assisted living and memory care family tour is that it may possible to arrange for the guests to talk to some of the current residents or stay for lunch and experience life in the community. All of this takes pre-planning on the part of the staff.

Although we would never turn down a walk-in tour because we understand that sometimes it is necessary, a call beforehand, even if it is brief, is extremely helpful to everyone involved.

The Tour Should Be An Enjoyable Experience.

Whether it is time to make a decision to move or it is just preliminary shopping the tour should be pleasant and informational. Our goal is to be the trusted advisor that can help with any concerns, questions or preplanning. Give us a call today and schedule a tour.