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Assisted Living Emergency In Kansas City

What Will You Do If The Hospital Physician Says Your Loved One Can’t Return Home Alone?

Oftentimes a Senior may be doing well at home taking care of their own needs. Then suddenly there is a fall that results in a broken bone or an illness that takes them to the hospital.

When the hospital stay is complete there will be a care plan designed by the Discharge Planner and Physician for a transition out of the hospital. There are several possibilities:

  • If the hospital stay has been at least three midnights, Medicare will pay for a short-term rehabilitation stay in a rehab facility or nursing home. During this time the goal is to regain strength and hopefully return home.
  • If the hospital stay is shorter, then they may be discharged home and may need assistance for a time. At that point, family or friends would need to provide that care either personally or through a Home Health Agency.
  • Occasionally the hospital staff may suggest that it is not safe to have the patient return home at any time and may recommend Assisted Living.

An Assisted Living Emergency Comes When No Preplanning Has Been Done.

At The Piper, we get many calls from family members in an Assisted Living emergency situation. They may have been informed by the hospital that their loved one will be discharged in two days and they need to have a place to take them.

The stress of facing the worsening condition of their loved one combined with the need for care can be overwhelming. Time is suddenly in short supply.

Caregivers have a huge learning curve to grasp what the options are and how it will be paid for.

It Is Imperative To Have A Trusted Advisor To Talk To.

The first attempt is usually to go to the internet or to a friend or family member that may have had previous experience.

There are so many issues to understand that it can be overwhelming.

Although each individual is unique there are some universal issues that need to be solved.

As you reach out for help it is most important to find a person that is knowledgeable and empathetic.

A Good Strategy Could Be To Make Calls To Two Or Three Highly Rated Assisted Livings In Kansas City.

You may want to choose communities that are in close proximity to family.

During those calls, you will begin to identify what is available and what is a good fit for your loved one.

Listen carefully to the staff member that explains the services of the community. Is the person empathetic and do they address your concerns respectfully and help you solve the emergency that you’re facing?

It is so important that you find someone that you can trust.

It becomes apparent it the community marketing person is just ‘selling’ their property or are they really solving a problem for you. You can tell the difference!

Booking The Tours And Making A Decision Is Next.

Once you’ve had the conversations you should book tours quickly since time is of the essence. Since a typical facility tour should last less than two hours, it is possible to visit three in one day.

Refer to our Questions to Ask and What Red Flags to Watch For articles.

If this is truly an emergency move, you’ll need to know if the community has vacancies and can facilitate such a fast move-in.

An Emergency Move-In Is Not Anyone’s Preference, But It Can Be Done.

It is far best to be prepared for such an event with some pre-planning and pre-shopping. This situation is best for all concerned.

Occasionally it is simply impossible to anticipate and at The Piper were here to help you negotiate this difficult situation and find the best solution.

Our Goal Is To Be That Trusted Advisor For Assisted Living In Kansas City.

If The Piper is not a good fit for your loved one or we have no availability, we can advise and refer to other community resources. We want to help you and your family through a difficult time. A good resolution can lead to a wonderful new life for your loved one.

Please contact The Piper today if you have an assisted living emergency.