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What COVID-19 Has Taught Us About The Importance Of Elders

The COVID-19 pandemic has drawn a great deal of attention to the Senior population in Kansas City and around the world. Words like defenseless, susceptible, frail, helpless have shown up in various commentaries about the virus. Some have even suggested that this population is expendable. It was said, just the elderly are vulnerable to the …

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Why Take Extraordinary Measures To Protect The At-Risk Population Of Senior Living In Kansas City From COVID-19 (Coronavirus)?

In light of the threat of the Coronavirus, The Piper Assisted Living and Memory Support has made the top priority the protection of residents and staff from the spread of this virus. Not only are we concerned about our residents, but the entire senior population in Kansas City and surrounding areas. It is well established …

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The Importance Of Activities And Amenities

What does Assisted Living and Memory Care in Kansas City have to offer residents? Having a safe and secure environment with meals, housekeeping and medication administration is just the beginning of requirements for a vibrant lifestyle for Seniors. When all of the daily needs are cared for, it is time for fun and activities! Having …

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Are You Looking For An Assisted Living Facility In Kansas City?

Assisted Living is a specific type of care for Seniors that cannot live independently in their own home. What Is Assisted Living? Who is shopping for an Assisted Living Facility? Approximately 85% of the calls we get at The Piper Assisted Living in Kansas City are from the children of a Senior in need of …

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How Can I Talk To My Parents About Moving To An Assisted Living In Kansas City?

Preparing Elders for Assisted Living care can be a very sensitive subject. When you’re looking for a place for mom or dad, using conversational techniques can make communicating your love and concern easier. The Adult Children Often Drive The Move As They See Their Parents Begin To Fail Since adult children are usually involved in …

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Types Of Elder Care In Kansas City

There is a great deal of confusion over the different types of senior and elder care in Kansas City and across the nation. Let’s be candid– it is not the type of thing that people shop for until they need it and that might be in the middle of an emergency. That’s really unfortunate because …

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