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Types Of Elder Care In Kansas City

There is a great deal of confusion over the different types of senior and elder care in Kansas City and across the nation. Let’s be candid– it is not the type of thing that people shop for until they need it and that might be in the middle of an emergency. That’s really unfortunate because there is a huge learning curve to understand the types of care and what an individual is really needing. So here’s a crash course in types of care.

Independent Living (IL)

Independent living, also called a retirement community, is a facility that provides a senior-friendly atmosphere. There is usually an emphasis on activities and maintenance-free living. Residents can cook for themselves or eat in a dining room. Housekeeping is provided. In a true IL, the residents don’t require any help with daily care. Sometimes these communities will bring in outside healthcare support with extra charges.

Assisted Living (AL)

When Elders need help with activities of daily living like food preparation, housekeeping, medication administration, and bathing, they are in need of AL. Assisted living communities can provide a variety of services depending on the need. Usually, there is an assessment that determines the level of care and the charges are determined accordingly. Each resident will have an individual care plan that may change as needs occur.

Memory Care (MC)

Memory care, also known as dementia care or Alzheimer’s care, is specifically designed to provide safety and security. Often this person may be healthy, but has significant memory loss which requires living in a secured facility. Residents may require queuing for activities of daily living like meals, bathing, medication administration and more.

Skilled Care

  • This term is used for a couple of different types of elder care. The first and most common terminology used by professionals describes a short term rehabilitation stay in a licensed long-term care facility after a stay in the hospital. Medicare provides payment for up to 100 days of rehab for elders to regain strength and either go back to their home or to an assisted living facility.
  • Another use of this term, skilled care, is used synonymously with long term care.

Long Term Care Or Nursing Home

While skilled rehabilitation care is seen as a short term stay to be discharged to another living situation, long term care is provided for those elders who cannot go home and need an advanced level of care. For several decades this has been referred to as a nursing home.

Physician Directed Nursing Household (PDNH)

PDNH is a level of care only offered at The Piper Assisted Living and Memory Support in Kansas City. Through increased and advanced staffing and coordination with physicians we are able to provide a nursing home level of care but in the setting of assisted living. Residents have a non-institutional private apartment with all of the amenities provided at The Piper. This is a very high level of care for the most frail and dependent but in a comfortable and beautiful apartment where caregivers are available day and night.

Give us a call at The Piper and we will discuss your personal needs and find the right fit for the care needed with as much independence as possible.