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Summer Trivia for Seniors

We’ve reached the dog days of summer, my friends. Enjoy the late sunsets, warm temperatures, and fresh watermelon while you still can. And why not bust out some summer trivia for seniors while you’re at it? These interesting facts and tidbits can spice up any conversation. Plus, you never know – they might pop up in a round of Trivial Pursuit!

Summer Trivia for Seniors

Where did the word summer come from?

The word summer comes from the Old English word for this sunny season: sumor. It’s also related to several other words: zomer (which is Dutch), sommer (which is German), and samā (which is Sanskrit for “year”). The word summer is actually tremendously old, dating back before the year 900.

In what year was the first beach ball invented?

It is believed that the beach ball was invented in 1938 by Jonathon DeLonge. Originally, beach balls were quite small – about the size of a hand!

When did the first swimming pool open in the United States?

The oldest known outdoor swimming pool in the United States was constructed in Belmont, Massachusetts, in 1912. It is known as the Underwood Pool.

Which U.S. president hosted the first barbecue at the White House?

President Lyndon Johnson hosted the first barbecue on the White House lawn in the 1960s. It was held on the South Lawn as a way to thank President Johnson’s supporters after announcing he would not be seeking reelection. The 200-guest affair featured a feast of Texas-style barbecue.

What is the longest day of the year?

The longest day of the year, known as Summer Solstice, is also (astronomically speaking) the first day of summer in the Northern Hemisphere. It takes place when the sun reaches its highest and northernmost point in the sky, so it doesn’t always occur on the same day each year. In 2021, it occurred on Sunday, June 20th, but these days, it shifts between June 20th, 21st, and 22nd.

Where was the ice cream cone invented?

It is believed that the ice cream cone dates back to the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis, Missouri. Back then, ice cream cones were called “waffle cornucopia.” The trend caught on quickly, and ice cream cones could soon be found at state and county fairs around the United States.

What household item evolved into the Frisbee?

The pie tin! After tossing around a popcorn can lid in 1937, a young couple (Walter Frederick “Fred” Morrison and his future wife Lucille Eleanor “Lu” Nay) discovered how fun a flying disc could be. A year later, they were tossing around a 5-cent pie tin on a beach in Los Angeles and were offered 25 cents for it. Morrison soon started selling pie tins as flying discs. The name and design of the product evolved over the years: from Flyin-Saucer to Pluto Platter to, eventually, Frisbee.


Which bit of summer trivia for seniors did you find most interesting? The next time there’s a lull in the conversation, pull out one of these fun facts to entertain your friends. Who doesn’t love a little trivia? And be sure to soak up as much summer sun as you can before autumn arrives. It’ll be here before you know it!

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