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Reasons to Consider The Move Into Assisted Living In Kansas City Now

The excuse “after the holidays” is used so often as a reason for delaying a decision or action, but here are some thoughts about making a move to Assisted Living or Memory Care before the rush of the holiday season.

  • Winter weather brings many more complexities for Seniors living at home. Icy sidewalks mean more opportunities for falls. Shoveling snow can be a very dangerous activity. Coming down with the flu or pneumonia without someone at home to provide care. Making a move to Assisted Living before winter weather threatens is one way to get ahead of those obvious perils.
  • For some Elders the holiday season can become a serious time of depression and loneliness. While the whole world seems to be focused on ‘being merry’ those that are homebound may suffer even more. At The Piper there are daily activities to enjoy and celebrate the season.
  • Families are extremely busy during this season, so the added pressures of being a caregiver can be overwhelming. Rather than neglecting any one of the pressures, it may be time to make a change. The overwhelming relief of not being responsible on a daily basis can bring extra pleasure for everyone.
  • When Seniors move into The Piper Assisted Living their families can enjoy coming to visit without worrying about home maintenance, medical support or providing transportation to and from appointments.

So why put off the inevitable move to Assisted Living or Memory Support when the time comes near. Enjoy these coming holidays, even more, knowing your loved one is in a safe, secure and happy place. Schedule a tour at The Piper now!