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Finding Purpose in Life

One of the best parts of your golden years is enjoying the perspective that your many years of experience have given you. You finally have the wisdom to not worry about the little things and focus on what matters. Once you learn how to do it, finding purpose in life as a senior is its own reward.

Finding Purpose in Life

Do you have a purpose in life? There’s a good reason to ask, especially if you’re a senior. Research demonstrates that seniors who believe they have a purpose in life live longer and experience better mental and physical health outcomes than seniors that don’t. A sense of purpose can inspire you to take better care of yourself, stay connected to your community, and make the most out of every day!

While a sense of purpose is essential, it doesn’t come naturally to everybody. Do you need some help finding purpose in life? There are plenty of ways to figure out what motivates you. Take a little time to explore; you might surprise yourself with how much purpose awaits you.

Giving Back to Others

There’s a reason seniors are a well-represented group in volunteering and community service. The time and space that some seniors find in retirement provide a new opportunity to support causes they care about and connect to their community meaningfully. Volunteering and community work can be powerful tools for finding purpose in life, and seniors bring wisdom and skills to volunteering that younger volunteers don’t have. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Spreading Kindness

If becoming a volunteer feels a little overwhelming, don’t panic. Helping your community is great, but you can also find a lot of purpose in helping the people who are already in your life every day. Look for ways to spread kindness by lifting the people around you with kind words and thoughtful actions. The more effort you put into service, the more you’ll get back from the people you love.

Working Towards a Goal

If you’re looking for a purpose in life that’s a little more focused, working towards a long-standing goal or life’s mission can provide it. For some seniors, this means choosing not to retire. For others, this means exploring a second dream career or life’s ambition, such as writing a book or completing a college degree. If there’s something you’ve always wanted to do and you haven’t had the chance to do it yet, your golden years are a great time to try it!

Building a Legacy

Once you settle into retirement, it’s natural to look back on your life and consider your impact on the world. For some seniors, thinking about the legacy they will leave behind them motivates their life’s work. What do you want to leave as your legacy for the people you love? When people remember you, what do you want them to think about? Spend some time thinking about those questions, and you may discover the purpose you’re looking for.


Finding purpose in life as a senior is easier if you live in a community that encourages you to grow and thrive. If you want to make the most of your golden years, we can help you do it at The Piper.

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