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How to Spread Kindness

If there’s one thing the world can never have too much of, it’s kindness. You’ll never regret being kind to someone, whether that someone is a friend, an acquaintance, or a complete stranger, and it’s always worth the effort. Even if you’re hoping to make a positive impact on the people around you, however, you might struggle to figure out how to spread kindness in your everyday life. Review our lengthy list of ideas for some inspiration!

How to Spread Kindness

Lend a Helping Hand

Keep an eye out for situations in which you might be able to help out, even in very simple ways. Is a guest at your senior living community struggling to find the bathroom? Is your dining companion looking for a salt shaker? Is the person ahead of you in line short a quarter? Even these tiny gestures can improve someone’s day.


It may sound simple, but sometimes the kindest thing you can do is listen to someone. Whether your friend wants to tell you all about their new favorite movie or vent after a frustrating situation, listen patiently and ask questions. They’ll appreciate it!

Reach Out to a Loved One

If it’s been a little while since you talked to a beloved family member or friend, pick up the phone. You could also send an email, send a text, mail a greeting card, reach out via social media, schedule a video chat — the options are endless! Just reaching out will show your loved one that you care.

Compliment Someone

Who doesn’t appreciate a compliment? So long as the compliment is genuine, you can’t go wrong.

Say Thank You

So simple, yet so effective! Take note of when people do things that make your life a little easier or better, and be sure to thank them for their actions.


Spread kindness throughout your community by volunteering with a charitable organization. You could serve food to the needy, help clean up your local park, knit blankets for newborns, raise money for an animal shelter . . . Think about causes that mean a lot to you personally, and reach out to see which organizations would appreciate your help.

Pick Up Litter

Do you have a favorite local park? Help keep it clean and beautiful and protect the native wildlife by going for a stroll and picking up all the litter you see.

Leave a Big Tip

If a worker goes above and beyond, offering you excellent service, consider leaving a big tip if you have the budget for it. You’ll undoubtedly brighten their day. And if you can’t spare the money, you could always contact the business’s manager and praise the employee by name. You never know! A few kind words from you could help that hard-working person get a promotion!

Let Someone Go Ahead of You in Line

If you notice that the person behind you in line seems to be in a rush, especially if you have a lot of items in your cart, consider letting them go ahead of you. You’ll only have to wait another minute or two, and they’ll appreciate you expediting their day.

Write a Positive Online Review for a Small Business

Running a small business is hard work, and every positive review is meaningful. Take a little time out of your day to leave a review for a local small business you adore. You might help increase their overall rating, which can help them find more customers. You could also tell friends and family about your positive experience so that they might consider visiting the business in the future too.


Smiles are contagious. Whether you’re joining a group activity at your senior living community, greeting the cashier at the supermarket, or sitting beside someone in a waiting room, greet them with a smile to brighten their day.

Practice Self-Compassion

Don’t forget to be kind to yourself! Forgive yourself when you make mistakes, pat yourself on the back when you accomplish something, and give yourself time to rest and relax.


Now that you’re bursting with ideas for how to spread kindness, it’s time to take action! Your mission is simple: spread kindness to at least one person today. Good luck!

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