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Plan For A Future With Assisted Living In Kansas City

Everyone Talks About Planning For The Future. Financial advisors, Funeral Home Directors, Health and Life Insurance companies are in the business of helping you plan for your future. Older Americans are deluged with mailings and invitations to pre-plan everything. Physicians will predict your future health status based on your current physical indicators. If your A1C …

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Love Conquers All

Love Conquers All by Connie Michaelis, Lifestyle Consultant at The Piper The head of the Harvard Study on Aging, George Valliant, although trained as a psychoanalyst, bluntly declares that, “Freud vastly overestimated the importance of childhood.” After reading many articles on the study it was clear that a great deal of emphasis was put on …

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Searching For Happiness

The common thread that brings happiness to everyone by Connie Michaelis, Lifestyle Consultant at The Piper A young friend of mine was given an opportunity to travel around the world on a Happiness Project. She and her colleges researched what makes people of all nationalities and cultures happy, or what they say makes them happy. …

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The Aging Placebo, Mind Over Matter

Connection between successful aging and Mental Attitude by Connie Michaelis, Lifestyle Consultant at The Piper Placebo comes from the Latin word meaning ‘I shall please.’ It is a substance with no active therapeutic effect. A placebo is given to a person in order to deceive them into thinking that it is an active treatment. In …

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The Back Nine

Embracing the second half of life by Connie Michaelis, Lifestyle Consultant at The Piper I love it when readers send me emails that pertain to the second half of life. There is so much written, and occasionally, there is a gem. Someone sent along an article that used the phrase “being on the back nine” …

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New Year, New You!

by Connie Michaelis, Lifestyle Consultant at The Piper Time does seem to fly. We’re already through January and on our way to Spring. In February, we will gain one hour and eight minutes of daylight. What will 2019 hold for you? Do you anticipate any major events this new year? My co-worker is having her …

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Fun Is Anti-Aging

by Connie Michaelis, Lifestyle Consultant for The Piper I’ve got a product for you. It’s guaranteed to reduce signs of aging such as grumpiness, boredom, irritability, loneliness, poor appetite, insomnia, dementia, weakness, stiffness, pain, arthritis, ad nauseam. The magic elixir for all these ailments is having fun. Remember you don’t quit having fun because you …

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Age Appropriate

What does it mean to be age appropriate? Remember the phrase “Act your age, not your shoe size?” Your mom said it to shame you into acting more grown-up! I read recently in a fashion magazine that older women should only wear neutral lipstick. Really! No bright red rouge on the lips. I think “age …

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Who Packs Your Parachute

by Connie Michaelis, Lifestyle Consultant for The Piper A friend recently sent me a link to an inspirational website that asked the question, “Who packs your parachute?” It is based on a true story about Captain Charles Plumb, US Navy Pilot, who flew 75 missions in Vietnam. He was shot down, parachuted into enemy territory …

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Still More Lessons From The Fall

Connie Mason Michaelis, Lifestyle Consultant at The Piper Assisted Living and Memory Support The lessons from my fall and the resulting handicap continue to teach me lessons. Probably the most profound realization is the way strangers look or don’t look at you when riding in a wheelchair. You get a navel-level view of the world, …

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