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Searching For Happiness

The common thread that brings happiness to everyone

by Connie Michaelis, Lifestyle Consultant at The Piper

A young friend of mine was given an opportunity to travel around the world on a Happiness Project. She and her colleges researched what makes people of all nationalities and cultures happy, or what they say makes them happy. It sounds fascinating, and no doubt, is inspiring. She quoted an ancient Chinese proverb, “Happiness is something you do, something to love, something to hope for.” She candidly confessed, as most of us would, this is a far cry from the mechanical consumerism we experience. I would suggest another study that would prove equally insightful and perhaps even more meaningful in our lives. What do Elders say makes them happy? I guess we might come close to fulfilling the ancient Chinese proverb.

I get the opportunity to talk to hundreds of Seniors. I hear their desires, concerns, and fears. I always ask them what they look forward to and what is most important to them. There are some universal responses. They want to stay active and be involved; “something to do.” Most want to be close to friends and family; “someone to love.” Perhaps most importantly, Seniors want a reason to get up every morning; “something to hope for.” Is it possible that mechanical consumerism is age related? I believe that the older you get you may arrive at a “been there done that” phase. There is a truer sense of what makes you happy. The Piper focuses on these values. It is not modern architecture and amenities (although we have both), it is about home. Faith, hope, and love are built into our households. Call us at The Piper 913.400.7006 and experience the difference.

About the AuthorConnie Michaelis is an enthusiastic and passionate advocate for the entire arena of successful aging. With years of work in the senior lifestyle space, Connie has become a knowledgeable problem solver for the many issues of Senior transitions. As a weekly newspaper columnist, Connie has become known as an expert in the field and speaks and writes to encourage and support her audience. Through storytelling and humor, Connie can move her audience towards embracing the necessary changes to live their best life. Changing paradigms, planning for the future and preparing for all circumstances lead to a life of peace, happiness and satisfaction. She is a lifestyle consultant for The Piper.

Connie Michaelis