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What You Can Expect from Memory Care

Are you curious about what it’s like to join a memory care community? Whether you’re considering moving into a senior community or learning more about them for a family member’s benefit, understanding what you can expect from memory care can make it a little less intimidating.

What You Can Expect from Memory Care

For seniors affected by issues like Alzheimer’s and dementia, memory care can represent an essential lifeline to independence. Learning what you can expect from memory care can help you better understand why so many people benefit from joining a memory care community.

Expect Care That Is Tailored to Your Needs

Even though people who live in memory care communities have some issues in common, we know that everyone still has their own individual experiences. That’s why a good memory care community will provide different levels of care, depending on what’s appropriate for a particular community member. At The Piper, Memory Care Lite delivers the support they’re looking for if someone needs occasional reminders and assistance with day-to-day tasks. If a higher level of support is required, our memory care experts and health care providers are on staff to coordinate services. No matter what you need, you’ll be treated like an individual, and you’ll be able to make choices about your care.

Expect a Real Community Feel

Nobody wants to feel lost in the crowd, especially when seeking help with age-related memory issues. That’s why Memory Care communities are purposefully kept small, so individuals can get to know each other as people as well as residents. At The Piper, our memory support households are limited to 20 members a piece. This allows residents to get to know staff, and each other, without being overwhelmed or oversocialized. It also means that your support staff will get to know you as a person and make sure that you’re not only getting the help you need but that you’re getting the support and community care you deserve.

Expect Your Life to Get Easier

One of the most challenging parts of age-related memory issues is how your day-to-day life gets more complicated. Your own home can become unpredictable and dangerous, and your usual caretakers may not have the knowledge or expertise they need to help you navigate that. One of the best parts of memory care is that it’s a community designed with your memory issues in mind. Memory care allows residents to live in a safe and secure environment where they can safely explore and travel independently without getting lost. Our community always has a calendar full of fun activities you can do with other seniors like you, designed for all ability levels. You’ll be able to have your own private living space while receiving the support you need with daily living tasks like chores and cooking. Memory care can provide you with all of this and more.


Do you know what you can expect from memory care? Get in touch if you’re ready to learn more, or even give one of our memory care communities a visit. We hope to hear from you soon!

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