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Inspiration Or Desperation

Connie Michaelis, Lifestyle Consultant at The Piper Assisted Living and Memory Support

Two powerful motivators press us; even force us, to make decisions. We either go forward in life making changes based on being inspired by a new thought or find ourselves being pressured by a situation we can no longer tolerate. A wise person said change occurs when the pain of remaining the same is greater than the pain of change. All of life’s events seem to fluctuate between these two forces. Most of us would agree that being inspired to make a move or take on a new challenge seems like a healthier way to live. Why is it that we so often wait until we are compelled to act? Looking for a new job because you have a dream of a better life beats waiting until you are laid off because you’ve shown no enthusiasm for your current employment! The energy that is generated by aspiring toward something new is tangible. Think about the excitement you feel while packing for a vacation. You might have the energy to stay up half the night to be ready to leave town. The opposite may be true when you get home, and you face the job of unpacking and doing the laundry – there’s no burst of energy, because you no longer are inspired. You’re just desperate for clean clothes!

In the world of senior transitions, we see these same motivators operating. We get the emergency calls when families are desperate to move their parents because of an impossible situation at home. In contrast, we meet Elders who are making an informed decision over time, and it creates enthusiasm for a new chapter in life. Downsizing and transitioning can be less stressful when approached with inspiration. The enthusiasts are looking forward to leaving the home maintenance, housekeeping, cooking, to someone else. It’s a time in life to relax and be pampered by others. Of course, it is impossible to know the exact time that one should make a move out of their home, but one wise man told me, “Make the move five years earlier than you think!” If you are reading this and think you’re five years away from a move, come for a leisurely tour and get inspired about the future. Call The Piper at 913.400.7006 and schedule a visit.