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What Is Important In 100 Years?

Connie Michaelis, Marketing Consultant for The Piper Assisted Living and Memory Support

An ancient proverb says, “Age is the price of wisdom. Learning sleeps and snores in libraries, but wisdom is everywhere, wide awake.” The benefit of a long life is being able to draw from experience. It is simply impossible for a 20-year-old to be wise. He can be a genius with a high IQ, but wisdom is a result of age and experience that comes with age. We say at times, “She is wise beyond her years”, but that expression just points to the fact that age is the essential denominator. Our western culture is enthralled with youth, new-age ideas and high-tech innovations. We miss so much by overlooking the wisdom of age. Wisdom speaks to the heart and eternal values. It is our privilege every day to engage with Elders who are the sages of our time.

My mom used to say, “If it is not important in 100 years, it is not important.” What will be important in 100 years? Wouldn’t that make interesting conversation at the dinner table? Will it be our savings account, our wrinkles, a new outfit or the gifts we need to buy for our grandkids? I think not! If you are looking for the answer to that question, you might come to The Piper and visit with our residents. If you’ve lived 95 years, there is a 95% chance you’ll know what’s important in 100 years, right?! The older you are, the more experience you have, and better able to answer that question. What would wisdom say? Conversations with Elders are enlightening. Come for a visit. Give us a call at The Piper at 913.400.7006 and experience the difference.