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How to Boost Your Energy

Are you tired of feeling so tired all the time? Do you feel sluggish early in the day? Do you wish you could regain some of the youthful enthusiasm you had in your younger years? Although you can’t turn back the clock, you can make some simple lifestyle changes to reinvigorate yourself. Scroll down to learn how to boost your energy.

How to Boost Your Energy

Talk to Your Doctor

Sometimes low energy levels are a result of health conditions, such as hormonal imbalances or poor digestive health. So if you’re feeling particularly fatigued, schedule an appointment with your general physician. Even if there isn’t an underlying cause to blame, your doctor can provide personalized advice regarding how to boost your energy levels.

Prioritize Your Sleep

Okay, perhaps this is an obvious one, but sleep truly is the best way to replenish your energy. Aim to get between six and eight hours of sleep per night, and try to adhere to a regular sleep routine (even on the weekends) to keep your internal clock in check. In addition, if you’re someone who likes to nap during the day, be sure that you’re napping the right way. Most sleep experts recommend that you nap earlier in the day and only nap for 10-20 minutes (sometimes called a “power nap”).

Consume a Healthy Diet

Pay attention to how your body feels after a meal. When you eat foods that are high in carbs, fats, or sugars, you will often feel tired afterward. When you eat well-balanced meals, on the other hand, that incorporate lots of vegetables, fruits, proteins, and whole grains, you will likely feel energized and ready to go. This is because a nutritious and well-balanced diet keeps your blood sugar levels steady, and that ensures that your energy levels remain steady as well.

In addition, remember to drink plenty of water to ensure you remain hydrated. As you get older, your body may struggle to recognize when it’s dehydrated. So, drink water throughout your day and consume foods with a high concentration of water – like fruit! You could also try drinking green tea.

Exercise Regularly

It may seem counterintuitive. After all, you want to increase your energy, not exhaust what little you have. But when you get your body moving, your heart begins pumping oxygen and nutrients into your bloodstream, giving you more energy. Aim to exercise for at least 30 minutes about four to five times per week.

Put Your Brain to Good Use

One of the wonderful things about retirement is that you have lots of free time to rest and relax. However, that doesn’t mean your brain should always be lounging in the backseat. Keep your mind active by challenging it every day. For example, you could play games that engage the brain, like chess, sudoku, Scrabble, or even crossword puzzles. You could take an online class, or learn a new skill. You could even exercise your creativity by writing a poem, a memoir, or a song. Find an activity that speaks to you. If you’re excited about it, your energy levels will naturally rise because you feel engaged, enthusiastic, and ready for more.


We all feel tired and sluggish every once in a while, but if you often feel like you lack energy, it’s time to make a change. Call your doctor, make some lifestyle changes, and reinvigorate your life.

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