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Hidden Treasure

Connie Michaelis, Marketing Consultant, The Piper Assisted Living and Memory Support

Have you ever discovered a hidden treasure in your home that was worth a lot of money? All along, it was right under your nose and suddenly it was revealed. What if there was a financial benefit available to you that you knew nothing about? If you are a veteran, there may be a valuable pension that you deserve to receive through the Veteran’s Administration. The “Improved Pension Benefit” is largely unknown. It allows for veterans and surviving spouses who require assistance with their activities of daily living to receive additional monetary benefits. At The Piper we meet people on a daily basis that served during a war, or their spouse served, and we always alert them to this benefit. It can be an important discovery… a hidden treasure!

If you or your spouse served on active duty for 90 consecutive days during a war and you had an honorable discharge, you need to learn about this benefit. The entitlement was set aside in 1950 for the care of veterans after they turned 65. Now that the time has arrived that many WWII and Korean Vets might need to take advantage of the funds, it is long forgotten. Approximately 5% of those that might be eligible are currently receiving it. The Knight Ridder Tribune stated, “Nearly 2 million veterans…or their widows…are likely missing out on as much as $22 billion a year in pensions. Most Veterans are completely unaware that the program exists.” The monthly benefit is substantial and tax free. There is no cost associated with these services. There are reputable people that can help with the research and application. Call The Piper, 913.400.7006, and we would be happy to give you references.