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Healthy Morning Habits for Seniors

There’s nothing better than starting your day with a productive, cheery morning that gives you motivation and optimism for the hours ahead. If you spend your morning yawning and wishing you could go back to sleep, you may need to adjust your bedtime and your bedtime routine to get higher quality sleep. But assuming you’re getting enough sleep each night, why not spend a little time developing healthy morning habits? Several simple tips can help you nourish your body and mind as the sun rises.

Healthy Morning Habits for Seniors

Wake up at the same time every day.

A consistent sleep schedule may seem unimportant, but it can be incredibly beneficial if you’re someone who struggles to fall asleep or stay asleep. You will likely need to use an alarm, but if your body is able to wake naturally with sunlight, go for it.

Stretch your body a bit.

Get your body moving! You don’t have to take a strenuous walk as soon as you wake up – simply stretching can help you wake up, improve your flexibility, and feel more energized. Plus, it feels good! Try reaching toward your toes, lunging to each side, and stretching your hands to the sky.

Eat a nutritious breakfast.

Starting your day with sugary cereal doesn’t bode well for your blood sugar, your energy levels, or your attitude. Enjoy a nutritious breakfast instead – such as eggs, oatmeal, or yogurt with fresh fruit – to give your body vitamins, protein, and energy. And by preventing blood sugar spikes, it may keep you from feeling grumpy and cranky.

Rehydrate with a glass of water.

It’s important that you stay hydrated throughout your day, so why not drink a glass of water with your breakfast? Feel free to enjoy your favorite coffee or tea as well!

Take any daily medications.

If you, like many people, need to take certain medications each day, consider taking them in the morning as a part of your morning routine. Place them in an organizer to ensure you take the right pills each day, and set an alarm to ensure you don’t forget. This will help you avoid missed doses.

Get some fresh air.

One of the best ways to improve your mood in the morning is to go outside. Whether you go for a fast-paced walk, take a slow stroll, or simply step outside for a minute, the fresh air will do you good. Not only will it lift your spirits, but also it will give you a little vitamin D.

Practice meditation and/or gratitude.

Give yourself a moment to sit quietly with your thoughts. It may help you feel calm, centered, and at peace. You could try meditation, which has proven mental health benefits and can help relieve stress, or you might prefer to practice gratitude by thinking about all the blessings in your life.

Think about your goals for the day.

If you want to have a productive day, take a moment in the morning to think about all the things you hope to accomplish. You could do this mentally, type a list into your phone, or write out your goals by hand.


Which of these healthy morning habits do you already do each day? Do you plan to incorporate any of them into your routine? Although many mornings won’t go exactly to plan, simply aiming for a regular routine is often helpful.

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