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The Second Half Of Life

Connie Michaelis, Lifestyle Consultant at The Piper

This subject of the second half of life is not about chronological life. It is about a time in life when you begin to focus on what you can, and cannot, live without. This wisdom comes from both sacred and secular sources, so no matter your persuasion, it may strike a chord. You’ve heard this truth from thousands who are flooded in Houston, TX. They universally say, “We are safe, the things in the house can be replaced!” After all, in such devastation, people know immediately what is important. Even if we are not faced with a devastating misfortune, we will all have opportunities, sooner or later to decide what is essential in our lives. The sad truth is we learn this wisdom in the hardest times, and rarely when life is rosy.

As I said, this is not necessarily a consequence of aging. Some young people arrive at this understanding, usually because of some suffering or trauma. But there is a natural journey that occurs as we get older. By necessity, we begin to figure out what we can live without. Richard Rohr, a Franciscan monk, says, “It’s enlightenment at gunpoint!” He teaches that as we grow older, this wisdom comes by learning to let go. The beautiful experience of being around so many wise Elders, is they have a clearer understanding of what is important. What we strive for earlier in life: big homes, fancy cars, distinguished careers, we will learn to live without, if we are fortunate enough to live a long life. Old age peels away the unimportant and leaves the precious soul. If you are lucky enough to know a wise, old, Elder, you are truly blessed. Come and visit us at The Piper, where there are those who are thriving in the second half of life!