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The Household Model of Senior Living

For many of us, our home is our sanctuary. Having to leave that sanctuary to get the support we need as seniors can be a difficult transition. What if you would benefit from assisted living, but you don’t want to live in a traditional senior home environment? The Household Model of senior living might be the perfect fit.

The Household Model of Senior Living

While there are many reasons to celebrate our senior years, they do come with some difficult choices. One of the hardest choices to make is whether or not to seek supportive living situations as we age. On one hand, there’s security in living in a senior community with a staff who can help meet your needs, as well as provide opportunities to socialize and stay active. On the other hand, the loss of independence can be a tough concession for seniors who are used to doing their own thing on their own schedule.

Some seniors choose to age in place at home. This can be a good option for seniors that are in good health and can easily maintain an independent lifestyle. Unfortunately, this may not always be an option. Aging can make maintaining a home difficult, and changes in our mental and physical abilities might make independent living unsafe. If you’re a senior who values independence but independent living is no longer possible, you might feel like there is no good option for you.

Luckily, the senior living industry is starting to pay more attention to this dilemma. Better models of housing that allow for privacy and independence are becoming more mainstream. This is why The Piper has embraced The Household Model of senior living.

How Does the Household Model Work?

The Household Model of senior living was born out of an effort to create housing that allows seniors independence while also meeting their needs in a community setting. It takes the burden of maintaining a household away from residents, while still allowing them private living space and autonomy.

In many ways, the Household Model is much closer to a communal living experience than a stereotypical senior living community. At The Piper, Household Model residents live in private or semi-private rooms they can decorate and use as they please. They share some common spaces, like a den and a living room, much like roommates would in a shared house or apartment. The Household Model space also features a fully-functional kitchen and large dining room where meals can be prepared and shared.

Seniors who live in Household Model housing set their own schedules, and are able to participate in group meals and activities as they see fit. And of course, they still benefit from all the top-notch care and support that any other senior would receive at The Piper. However, they also get an added degree of independence that can make supportive living enjoyable and empowering.

Can I Live in a Household Model Home?

What if the Household Model seems like a good fit, but you aren’t sure if you’re a good candidate? You might be better suited for it than you think. The Piper offers different levels of care in every living environment, including the Household Model. There are Household Model residencies for Memory Care, Assisted Living, and even long-term nursing care. If the Household Model sounds like it could make senior housing work for you, we’ll help you explore it.


The Piper has redefined senior living services. We offer seniors a “home within a home” setting. Small, quaint neighborhoods that are just like home. Our offerings include Assisted Living, Memory Care, and Physician-Directed neighborhoods for support of your individualized needs as you age.

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