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Symptoms of Alzheimer’s

Are you concerned about Alzheimer’s disease? It may be uncomfortable to think about, but knowledge is power regarding your health concerns. Understanding the symptoms of Alzheimer’s can help you identify the disorder and get needed help for yourself or someone you love.

Symptoms of Alzheimer’s

If you’re a senior or have a senior loved one, you’ve probably already spent a little bit of time learning about Alzheimer’s disease. If you haven’t, it’s a good idea to educate yourself. You can find the care you need through a doctor’s diagnosis if the condition appears. However, that diagnosis might not happen if you don’t know what symptoms to look for. Do you know how to spot the symptoms of Alzheimer’s?

Difficulty Remembering New Information

Because Alzheimer’s affects the part of the brain that learns new information, difficulty retaining that information is one of the first symptoms of Alzheimer’s that loved ones will notice. Those affected by Alzheimer’s often forget names, dates, events, and other recent information. While some memory slips are expected as a person ages, those unaffected by Alzheimer’s will usually be able to remember the data they’re missing with some additional prompting. If you notice a loved one is asking repetitive questions or increasingly relying on others to remember things they can’t recall, Alzheimer’s could be the culprit.

Difficulty Completing Everyday Tasks

Alzheimer’s can affect a person’s ability to follow an established routine, even if it’s one they’ve had no difficulty with in the past. Daily tasks like making a cup of coffee or running to the grocery store can become complex, with seniors affected by Alzheimer’s forgetting the steps or sequence in which they are supposed to occur. This issue can be made worse by the way Alzheimer’s affects a senior’s perception of time and location, causing some seniors to forget what they are doing or where they are while they are trying to go about their day.

Difficulties in Making and Following Plans

While Alzheimer’s can harm a senior’s ability to follow existing plans, it can also cause them to struggle with creating new strategies. Individuals with Alzheimer’s often have difficulty organizing information and working with numbers or other data. They can also have trouble concentrating on the tasks they need to complete, even if they are essential.

Difficulties Related to Writing and Speaking

For those with Alzheimer’s, a simple conversation with another person can pose a serious challenge. People with Alzheimer’s often have trouble finding the right words for objects and concepts or will struggle to follow and participate in the flow of a conversation. If seniors socially isolate themselves to avoid embarrassment, Alzheimer’s could be why.

Poor Judgement

Some people with Alzheimer’s will find their behavior and ability to judge a situation affected by the condition. They may not understand why certain behaviors are unacceptable or may even behave in ways that can affect them negatively. For example, someone with Alzheimer’s may neglect basic hygiene, even if it results in adverse health outcomes. Or they may behave irrationally in ways that concern their loved ones.


Do these symptoms remind you of someone you love? If so, it’s a good idea to help them access an Alzheimer’s screening as soon as possible. Early detection is the key to accessing helpful therapies and support that can slow the progression of the disease. Talk to a trusted medical professional about Alzheimer’s today.

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