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No Question Is Stupid

Connie Michaelis, Marketing Consultant for The Piper Assisted Living and Memory Support

One of my favorite professors said, “If I assume you are already well versed on a topic, I will speak over your head.” How many times have you asked a question about your computer or asked your physician a medical question and as the ‘professor’ begins to answer, you say, “Hold it, I have no idea what you are talking about?” The speaker has no intention of being rude, but they are making an assumption that you are well versed. In the world of Senior transitions, it happens every day. We get phone calls like this, “My mom has insurance, and the doctor says she can no longer live at home. Will Medicare insurance pay for her to live in your community?” Then begins a long and patient conversation to explain what Medicare insurance covers and more importantly what it does not cover. Maybe there is confusion about the difference between Medicare and Medicaid. There are many common questions that we hear every day. What is the difference between Assisted Living and Skilled Care? What is Memory Care? Can we afford it?

No one should ever feel stupid about this topic. It is very complex and each individual situation is unique. I’ve worked in this field for more than a decade and I still get stumped by inquiries. All questions need to be answered in a deliberate and measured way so that family and loved ones do not feel deficient. We need to encourage conversation, not discourage it. When you call The Piper for information, I can assure you that your inquiry will be treated with respect. Our goal is to help people solve problems and ease the transition. Even if we are not the right fit, we refer inquiries to other resources. Feel free to call The Piper at 913.400.7006 and experience the difference.