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Life Is Like A Road Trip

Connie Michaelis, Lifestyle Consultant at The Piper

While I was driving the other day, I started musing about the similarities between a road trip and our life experiences. The metaphor is endless! For every off ramp, there is an on ramp, same in life. You can get lost, at least for a while, but it helps to get directions from someone who knows the way. At times, as in life, there are emergencies. Some are easily fixed, like a flat tire or a doctor for a broken bone. Most of the time it is just an inconvenience. On occasion, there is a total breakdown. That happens in life too, where we just need a complete transformation. That takes time and some tender loving care. Looking in retrospect, we may realize we weren’t taking care of ourselves or our vehicles.

Of course, there are rules to drive by and live by. It usually works best if you follow them and people around you are doing the same. On occasion, you run into someone (excuse the pun) who refuses to obey and messes up everything. Stop signs are for real! You must learn to yield to the other person, whether you like it or not. A road trip is an opportunity to enjoy the scenery, it’s so much more than the destination. If you’re always trying to get somewhere, you may miss the important stuff along the way. There are so many opportunities to see new things and experience life from a different perspective. Life is a journey, and whether you turn right or left at any given intersection, there is something there to experience, learn and share. We all need to slow down and enjoy more. Life is a lot more like a road trip than a bowl of cherries!

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