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Amenities at a Memory Care Community

What makes a memory care community special? Among other things, they offer unique amenities you can’t always find in other assisted living communities. So, what are the amenities at a memory care community, and how do they improve the lives of their residents?

Amenities at a Memory Care Community

Every assisted living community has unique amenities to offer its residents. However, at a memory care community, the amenities do more than make life a little easier for residents; they’re specially designed to help those with age-related memory issues continue to live their lives to the fullest and provide their loved ones with peace of mind. What kind of exceptional amenities can you expect at a memory care community?

Day-to-Day Support

One of the essential things memory care can do is provide daily support for residents whose ability to care for themselves is affected by age-related memory issues. When you have a condition like dementia, simple daily tasks like cooking and cleaning can become insurmountable challenges. Memory care takes those tasks off a senior’s to-do list, making everything a little bit easier:

  • Memory care communities provide housekeeping services like daily cleaning, laundry, and other assistance with household chores.
  • Residents can look forward to three daily meals and nutritious snacks.
  • Utilities and other household bills are included in the rent, making accounting and money management a snap.
  • Appointment coordination, medication management, and additional therapeutic support can help keep seniors healthy.
  • 24/7 staff support is available if any other needs arise, which means seniors and their loved ones can rest easy.

Safety and Security

When you have a loved one with age-related memory issues, their safety is your top priority. Memory care communities create spaces where seniors with these issues can continue to enjoy their lives and do the things they want to do, but with an extra layer of safety. Every element of the community is designed with residents’ needs in mind. You can enjoy features like the following:

  • A secured courtyard and other spaces where seniors can safely move around and enjoy themselves without worries about getting lost
  • Buildings designed for those with age-related memory issues, with safety considerations like shorter hallways and an easy-to-navigate floorplan
  • Apartments with senior safety equipment already installed, such as shower grab bars
  • A staff trained on memory care issues that can provide immediate support and assistance whenever required

Enjoying the Golden Years

It’s easy to see that someone in memory care can count on feeling safe and supported, but that’s not all that matters. The best part of memory care is that it allows you to continue enjoying your senior years, even while navigating a potentially difficult condition. Memory care communities are designed to help seniors with age-related memory issues get the most out of life, offering amenities like the following:

  • Your own living space with a bathroom and kitchenette, providing privacy and quiet space when needed
  • Engaging programming designed to help those with age-related memory issues keep having fun and also practice critical cognitive skills
  • Open spaces where seniors can socialize and enjoy each other’s company, such as a game room and a music parlor
  • Small, close-knit community “neighborhoods” where staff and residents can bond, support each other, and have fun!


Once you know what amenities are available at a memory care community, we can’t blame you if you want to check them out yourself. We invite you to visit The Piper to learn more.

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